In just the last few years, he has had the following litigation victories in employment disputes:

  • Settled a disability discrimination case for approximately $1 million dollars against a confidential defendant.
  • Settled a disability discrimination case for six-figures;
  • Settled a pregnancy discrimination case for a software enginner for six-figures; 
  • Settled a gender discrimination and whistleblower lawsuit for six-figures;
  • Settled a breach of employment contract dispute for high-five figures;
  • Successfully defended a small business in a Department of Labor investigation regarding allegations of unpaid wages;
  • Successfully defended a professor from allegations of fraud and incompetence;
  • Acted as the sole counsel for a nine-day arbitration hearing on behalf of a law firm in a wrongful termination and unpaid wage matter; the arbitrator threw out the cross-claimant's wrongful termination and fraudulent inducement claims.
  • Settled a whistleblower and age discrimination case after surviving an Anti-SLAPP motion; 
  • Settled an employment and peer review matter between a physician and the Veterans Health Administration; and
  • Prevailed on an Anti-SLAPP appeal for a physician-plaintiff.

Matthew has also settled the following non-employment claims in the last two years:

  • Settled a commercial dispute between two IP companies for six-figures and an injunction prohibiting further infringement of intellectual property;
  • Settled a personal injury lawsuit for six-figures;
  • Successfully defended a physician before the California Department of Public Health and the California Medical Board regarding allegations of fraud and the unlicensed practice of medicine; and
  • Defended two physicians in a personal injury lawsuit, which resulted in no personal liability.

In the last two years Matthew has also:

  • Advised small to medium size businesses as well as individuals on labor law and business formation;
  • Represented small businesses in raising over $1 million in capital, including drafting private placement memorandums;
  • Negotiated and drafted commercial leases and employment contracts on behalf of physicians, other professionals and businesses; and
  • Represented professors in university grievance proceedings.

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